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Which document types are supported?

Currently, the following document formats are supported: PDF (preferable PDF/A), iMS Word (.doc and .docx), OpenOffice (.odt), RTF, HTML, and plain text files.

How do you have to specify Internet sources; which protocols are supported?

Documents to review, which are not taken from a local hard disc but from the Internet (e.g. a certain web site) can be reached via the protocols http://, https://, or ftps://

Can I use the service also via SOAP web service?

Yes, a complete SOAP interface exists and can be used at additional costs. Please contact us to get further information about the API.

A lot of documents are stored in our private Intranet, also hot for plagiarism search. Can Docol©c consider them?

The documents have to be crawled and indexed, than it will be an easy task. For this task, we offer a private search area, please contact us to get further information.

What happens if I send the report "only by email"?

In diese case document an report will not be stored in your account. Once the email was sent, the report will be deleted on our server.

Is it possible to upload multiple documents at once?

Yes. You must be logged in and have to use another browser then Internet Explorer. With Firefox, Safari or Chrome you can upload several files with one click.

Do I need a license to review a document in the demo mode?

No. The demo mode can be used by anyone. You just have to be registered.

What is the difference between "demo" and "professional"?

To review a document in the demo mode is free of charge, but limited accuracy. In this case, only some random places are reviewed. In the "professional" mode, the document is optimally reviewed and the results are listed in detail.

Why does the same site comes up again after clicking on "start plagiarism review"?

It´s faster if you upload several documents.

Why are the fields for "ID" and "password" in pink after I uplaoded a file?

You may set reviews even if you are not registered. But in order to start a review you have to be registered. If the fields are in pink, you are not yet registered. (It means that a session with data exists, which are not yet assigned to a certain user.)

Is it possible to process the same document again?


Your Account

Can reviews be viewed by anybody when I am not registered?

Definitively not! A private session is already started. After registration, all session data will be taken into your account.

Why does the plagiarism search not start in some cases?

If you don´t have enough rights. This can be in case, when you have not been registered at the time you uploaded the document, or you have selected "professional" mode, but your account is not licensed yet.

Does Docol©c keep copies of papers submitted for checks?

All documents submitted to Docol©c are deleted when the check is finished. Only the Docol©c-Report is stored in the corresponding user account until the user deletes it. For system monitoring as well as for statistical analysis anonymised data about checked documents as well as found text fragments is stored.

Will the Docol©c-Reports be stored in my account permanently?

With standard preferences, Docol©c-Reports are deleted due to privacy reasons automatically after 60 days. The duration until deletion can be configured between 10 and 120 days or can also be deactivated in your account preferences. After inactivity of your account for at least one year, all jobs will be deleted from your account.

Some jobs are missing in my account. Where are they gone?

As mentioned in the previous answer, Docol©c-Reports are deleted from any account due to privacy reasons automatically after a configured number of days or after one year inactivity of your account. Additionally, it is possible that a license administrator initiated the deletion of all files in your account.

Will future papers are checked against documents which were submitted to Docol©c?

No, documents are never checked against other submitted documents in any case.


What does the percentage mean and how is it calculated?

The percentage in the report is the fraction of the number of sentences found in other documenst and the total number of checked sentences. Get more information about the Docol©c-Report.

If I click on the marked sentences, nothing happens. Why?

The report contains interactive functions. So you have to activate Javascript in your browser.

The Internet Explorer shows a safety notice on the upper edge of the report.

Microsoft has established a safety function in their web browser. When you download HTML documents containing programs are blocked at first. You should allow "blocked contents" in your browser to use all information contained in the report.

My email program crashes when I open a report.

A report usually contains as many pages as the original document. Graphics are not considered, but when you have documents with a lot of data it may happen that your email program can not handle this huge amount of data. In this case, please load the report with your browser from your account.

What is the Docol©c Digitale Signatur (DDS)?

The report which is created by Docol©c shows the situation at the time of the enquiry. With the digital signature it can be proven that the report was generated by Docol©c at the date shown and not altered in the meantime. The signature is attached to the report as HTML source code comment.

A report is not created; instead the message "Wrong file format" is shown.

In this case, we cannot process the uploaded document: the document may be corrupt or it may use unsupported font settings. Please save the document with a different document format and try it again.

Create Account / Change Login

Do I need an account at Docol©c?

Yes. Only after you are logged in you can use the service. Some functions you can test without registration. But to do demo reviews or professional reviews, you have to be registered and logged in.

How can I register?

Go to the site "Create Account" and fill out the registration fields correctly. You can choose your ID and password freely. Please do not forget your ID.

What is the difference between ID and license key?

The ID identifies your account. It´s like a user name. The license key is needed to "unlock" your account.

Where do I enter the license key?

After the login on the "Change Login" site.

Search Preferences

How does filtering work?

If filtering is activated, those results found in several sources but only once within the checked document are removed. This kind of results are often found in literature lists.

Excluded Domains

You can exclude results from single or several url domains. To exclude, for instance, all results found at you should fill in as an excluded domain.

Further Information

How can all user accounts of one license be administrated and the number of checked pages be inspected?

For administrating user accounts you need special user rights. If your account has these special rights, you will see a link "License Administration" after your log in. Following this link you can administrate all user accounts of your license and inspect the usage information of your license. To get these special user rights for your account, please contact

How are the number of checked pages determined?

If possible, the number of pages as contained in the checked document are used. If this is not possible because the document format does not contain any defined pages (e.g., .html, .txt, .rtf, ...) the number of normpages are coputed. A normpage is defined as 1800 characters (including whitespaces, symbols, numbers, etc.). If the number of pages od a document is much lower than the computed number of normpages, the latter one is used as the number of checked pages. For instance, if a PDF document contains 4 pages but 15,000 characters, the number of checked pages is estimated by the number of rounded normpages, which is 8. You may see the number of checked pages in your account.

What does the name Docoloc mean?

Docol©c consists of "document", "co-location", finding a document at another place, and "collocation", coherent use of several words.

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