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The Docol©c-Report

The Docol©c-Report is the result of a plagiarism check of a document with Docol©c and contains all similarities found. In the following, we give detailed information about the structure of the report and describe the navigation within the report. Information about the interpretation of the report can be found on a separate page.

Structure of the Docol©c-Report

The Docol©c-Report consists of a header part as well as the checked document text. The header part contains general information about the document, such as the title, the author's name, the file name, and the date of the plagiarism check. The next paragraph of the header gives the number of checked sentences, followed by the number of sentences which were found in other documents. The proportion of found sentences to checked sentences is given in percentage, followed by the number of sentences which were detected as common phrases or as irrelevant results and therefore not counted as found sentences.

Docol©c detects sentences as common phrases, if they can be found in a large number of other documents. This may be commonly used phrase like "The rest of this document is organized as follows." or sentences giving some well-known facts, such as "Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was born on 28 of August 1749 in Frankfurt am Main." If you have activated filtering in the configuration of your account, results which are found in several sources are ignored as well if no other sentences were found in these source documents. Such results often occur in reference lists and are also counted as irrelevant results.

The header of the Docol©c-Report with information about the checked document as well as the number of matching sentences

Another header element of the Docol©c-Reports is the overview and navigation bar. It shows the distribution of all sentences found in other documents within the checked document. Below this bar there is a list of reference documents in which the similarities were found. This list is sorted in descending order according to the number of sentences which were found in the documents. For each reference document, this number, the title as well as the Internet address of the document is given.

Overview bar, followed by the list of reference documents in which similarities were found

The reference list only contains those documents in which at least two similar sentences were found. All other documents in which only one similar sentence was found are hidden in the report, but their number is given. By clicking on this number, the list can be shown.

Hidden reference documents

Below the header, the Docol©c-Report contains the text of the checked document. All sentences in which similarities were found are highlighted by using different color shades, according to the amount of similarity. The darker the highlighting color, the more words were found in another document. If only a few words were found in other documents, the sentence is highlighted in yellow. If there are more similar words, the sentence is highlighted in light orange and if nearly all words of the sentence were found, it is highlighted in orange. When clicking on the highlighted sentences, further details are displayed in a red box. These are the source's title, its Internet address, and a text snippet of the found document. The matching words are highlighted in bold face within the shown snippet.

Sentences found in other documents with details shown

Navigation within the Report

The overview bar in the header of the report provides an easy navigation within the text of the document. The left side of the bar corresponds to the beginning of the text and the right bar corresponds to its end. By clicking on the bar you are directed to the corresponding position within the document text. Additionally, the overview bar is displayed in the bottom left-hand corner of your browser window for further navigation within the report.

Navigation bar, shown in the lower left corner of the browser window

On the left side of the navigation bar there is a button that navigates directly to the header of the Docol©c-Report. Another button on the right side of the navigation bar may be used to toggle the visibility of the bar.

If you click on the number of occurrences within the list of reference documents, the corresponding sentences are highlighted within the document text as well as in the navigation bar by a colored border. Additionally you are directed to the first corresponding sentence.

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