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Redirected from OAPS - Open-Access Plagiarism Search

You are redirected to this site because the Open-Access Plagiarism Search project is not online any more.

Thank you for using OAPS!

Unfortunately it was not able to find a sustainable business model or further financial aid. Technical improvements and necessary maintenance work couldn't be done. We are sorry, but for security reasons the servcie has to be closed now.

As a strategic partner to support Open Access, Docoloc made a big contribution to OAPS. As SaaS Docoloc generated free of charge search reports based on the OAPS-owned search index an maintained OAPS infrastrucure. Beside this goodwill Docoloc didn't have any benefit of OAPS.

If you have further questions to OAPS or if you are interested in using the commercial plagiarism search Docoloc, please send us an e-mail to

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